Puppy Stuff by Jack Jagoda

by on 24/01/10 at 4:34 pm

Puppy Stuff by Jack Jagoda

Training a dog is far more difficult than it appears. Most people are not prepared for the complexity and commitment involved, get in over their heads, and quit. A promising puppy will eventually become a mediocre old dog without continuing education. A dog’s potential is relevant to inherent natural ability, intelligence, desire and the time and skill invested in his training.

It is the role of the breeder to provide the raw material and prepare your pup for a lifetime of learning. The breeder must match a sire and dam with proven traits that you want in your puppy. This is more than just OFA-certified hips and the ability to pick up a duck when asked. It certainly includes genetic qualifications (OFA hips, elbows, CERF, etc.) and a proven background based on objective standards. Field Trial or Hunt Test titles are usually considered to be good indicators that the dog possesses not only the basic talents and instincts to do well in hunting situations, but the cooperative attitude and willingness to learn for advanced training.

Click here to read Jack Jagoda’s article as it appears in The Sportman’s Magazine.

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