Dr. Giroux Answers Your Questions

by on 22/02/10 at 2:07 pm

Dr. Giroux Answers Your Questions

Once or twice a week, Dr. Giroux goes through the questions asked on the tag board and presents answers to the best of her knowledge. If you do not see your answer here, please be patient, as we go through all the messages. If you have a question for Dr. Giroux, you may also comment on any post here.

Tooney: Our new pet rats have ringworm and keep transmitting to family. What are solutions? Help?!

Your veterinarian can perform a test called a Fungal Culture to determine if your pets truly have ringworm. If they do have ringworm, you really have your work cut out for you.

First, you should be aware that children and adults with any form of compromised immune system are especially susceptible to ringworm infection, and you may decide to simply find a new home for these pets. Generally adults, especially in southern parts of the US have some resistance to ringworm because they have already contracted and recovered from it in their childhood.
Each hair that has fallen off your infected pets is a source of infection to your family. Once diagnosed, the pets should be confined to an area that is easily cleaned and disinfected. The pets will need to be put on an oral medication for four to six weeks and regular antifungal baths. The areas where the pets are living need to be vacuumed and then disinfected with a mild chlorine solution (it is ok to use household bleach, one part bleach to 30 parts water). This should be done daily.

As long as any stray infected hairs persist in your home, they will be infective to the family. This is a long and involved process, Some pets, especially long haired cats, may be carriers for life.

Roger: home remedy for eye infection for a cat.

Any problem that involves an eye should be seen by your veterinarian. In cats, some eye problems are viral in nature, and can be a sign of other types of problems.

It is ok to use any mild eye wash that is labeled for people to cleanse the eye, but that is just to remove crusting or mucous from the eye and will not help solve the problem.

Try to get the cat in to the veterinarian soon after this problem develops. Letting such problems go on untreated could lead to permanent damage and loss of sight.

Leona Griffin: What is range of duration of upper respiratory infection in cats?

This question is vague and covers too much area to address.

Brenda: What are some possible causes of blood in the stool of a 5 year old Tonkinese cat? Does not act ill.

First you should bring a stool sample in to your veterinarian to have it checked for internal parasites such as roundworms or hookworms. If no worms are found, then you might consider treating the cat for hairballs, as hairballs can commonly cause digestive abnormalities in cats. If that doesn’t help, you should consult your veterinarian to discuss dietary sensitivities or other abnormalities of the cat’s digestive tract. Although the cat may appear healthy, if blood occurs regularly in the stool this is not normal and should be investigated.

Robin: wound prevention in paralyzed dog (hind legs drag and gets sores on butt)

First, I would consider trying to get the dog fitted for a cart as the cart will lift the immobile portion of the dog and allow greater mobility. If that is not an option, you should try to devise some way to pad the affected areas, thereby preventing abrasions. Use may need to use your imagination in using various articles of clothing to protect these areas.

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    what is your opinon on people spaying and neutering their pets?

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