Dr. Giroux Answers Your Questions – 3/15/10

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Dr. Giroux Answers Your Questions – 3/15/10

Once or twice a week, Dr. Giroux goes through the questions asked on the tag board and presents answers to the best of her knowledge. If you do not see your answer here, please be patient, as we go through all the messages. If you have a question for Dr. Giroux, you may also comment on any post here.

Anon: My dog has not been eating dog food, but grass. He is also acting lazier than usual. What is wrong?

In Springtime, the weather gets warmer, and dogs often have reduced caloric needs in warmer weather. This may account for a decrease in appetite. It would be a good idea to have the dog checked over by your veterinarian, however, in case there are spring allergies causing sinusitis or tonsillitis or just simple allergies. Most dogs eat some grass, especially the new shoots that appear in the spring. If your dog is eating grass to induce vomiting, that would be another reason to take him to the vet and have him checked out.

Carol: How soon after feeding my dog can I take her for a run..I mean a 4 mile run?

The dog should rest for at least two hours after a full meal. If you run on a schedule, you might want to switch the dog’s main meal to a time that will not conflict with the run. For example, if you run early in the morning, feed after you return from your run, the dog has cooled off, and you are going to work. That way he has plenty of time to digest his food safely.

Carol: My 11 yr old dog was diagnosed with spinal arthritis, can I use buffered aspirin for him?

Aspirin is not really safe for your dog. There are many prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications that your veterinarian can prescribe to relieve your dog’s aches and pains that are much safer and easier to dose at a rate appropriate for your dog’s weight. Additionally, there are many dietary supplements, called nutraceuticals, that can help with arthritis. Gycoflex is a very good source of nutritional components from which your dog can derive glucosamine that will help your dog’s joints and make him feel better, reducing, or possibly eliminating, the needs for prescription medications. You should never give your pet Tylenol, Ibupropen, or Ketoprofen.

Tracie: 5 mo Shipoo takes Sentinel.I want to add tick control. Safe to use a tick/flea collar? Ex. biospot

Yes, it is safe to use a flea and tick collar or a topical flea and tick preparation in addition to Sentinel

Eva: what pain medication can a 12 lb schnauzer take, children’s baby aspirin? Baby Tylenol?

See answer to Carol

Nina: “Beau”. Is 9 yrs old. Should he be on a Sr dog food dry? Oh, by the way, Beau is a Yellow Lab. Low thyroid. Takes meds 2 x’s day

In my opinion, if Beau is healthy, active, and in good weight, there is no need to switch to Senior dog food. Many Labradors are very active into their early and mid teen years, and it is important that they have the fat and protein to allow them to maintain a good level of energy. If Beau is sedentary and overweight, you might need to use a Senior food get his weight where it should be. Just like for people, the best way to maintain good condition is with regular exercise and calorie appropriate nutrition.

Bonnie: My cat had the beginning of a UTI he is currently on meds doing well his vet wants him to have Hills Science diet cd as well as dry food is there any other wet food to use?

Urinary tract infections in cats respond well to dietary control. It is best to use the diet that your veterinarian recommends.

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