Dr. Giroux Answers Your Questions – 3/25

by on 25/03/10 at 8:56 am

Dr. Giroux Answers Your Questions – 3/25

Once or twice a week, Dr. Giroux goes through the questions asked on the tag board and presents answers to the best of her knowledge. If you do not see your answer here, please be patient, as we go through all the messages. If you have a question for Dr. Giroux, you may also comment on any post here. Please note due to time constraints and the nature of some questions, Dr. Giroux may not answer every one.

Ana: My Cav’s white coat turns reddish between legs, paws, mouth, eyes. Bathed in Lactadem. Suggest?

The areas of discoloration on your dog’s coat are the result of saliva or tears. Sometimes a change in diet will help with this. There are grooming products such as Diamond Eye that will help the tear staining around the eye. Some pets with staining can be put on a low dose of an antibiotic to control the staining.

Heather: My 3 year old Beagle often releases an odor from her bottom, is this normal?

Dogs have glands in their rectum called anal glands. These glands can fill up with fluid that has a very foul odor. A dog will express these glands when she is very scared, or the glands become overfilled and she scoots her bottom on the floor or rug to relieve pressure. These glands should be expressed (emptied) when you bath your dog. You should ask your veterinarian or groomer to show you how to empty them.

Heather: My 5 year old dachshund mix is producing milk & has not been with a male dog. Is she okay?

The female dog is unique in the animal kingdom because she does not have a feedback system that tells her body whether she is pregnant or not. So, about 50-60 days after each heat cycle her body will prepare for puppies, and one way she does this is by producing milk. This is called a false pregnancy, and will happen after every heat cycle that she is not bred.

Cheri: I think my 11 year old Sheltie is eating dog poop, I have 2 dogs so it’s the other dog’s….HELP ME.

First, the best way to control this bad habit is to scoop the poop from your yard several times daily. This is just good hygiene. If the dog does not have access to poop, there is nothing for the dog to eat. There are also additives that can be put in the dog’s food that have no flavor, but after digestion make the stool very unpalatable. You have indicated that you have more than one dog, so you will need to put this product in all the dogs’ food to stop the habit.

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