Dr. Giroux Answers Your Questions – 4/4

by on 05/04/10 at 9:04 am

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Clark: My brother has a cat that is allergic to anesthesia. Does he have any other options on spaying?

While a pet may be sensitive to a certain drug or may have a drug reaction to a certain anesthetic agent, I doubt the cat is “allergic to anesthesia”. Veterinarians have a wide variety of safe, effective anesthetic protocols that can be used during surgical procedures. Your brother should schedule a consultation with the veterinarian to discuss the pet’s options.

Guadalupe: Hi Dr. Giroux. Can the Prozyme supplement help my dog accelerate her metabolism?

Prozyme helps maximize the dog’s ability to digest her food, especially if there is a deficiency of natural enzymes. It will not affect her metabolism.

Sherri: My female dog’s urethral opening has been a little black, she hasn’t acted different. Is this ok?

First, a bit of anatomy. The urethra in a dog empties into the vaginal vault, and cannot be visualized from the outside. If you can see your dog’s urethral opening, she has a prolapse, and should be seen and treated by a veterinarian immediately. If you are referring to her vulva, which can be seen easily, increased pigmentation occurs commonly as the dog gets a little older, especially is she is intact.

Marcia: I have two cats and both have grit. What causes it? They eat table scraps, but not much.

Urinary sand or calculus can be signs of an infection of the urinary tract, or related to diet. There are special diets to reduce and prevent urinary issues, so you should try one of those.

Amelia: Can you recommend a non toxic flea & tick treatment for dogs and lawn?

This is a tricky question. If the treatment is nontoxic to the flea or tick, it will not kill the pest. All products that are labeled for flea and tick control have been tested extensively and proven to be safe for the majority of pets when used according to label directions.

Topical monthly preparations are generally very effective, but not all are labeled for Fleas and Ticks, so you should read the labels and follow directions. Yard (and home) treatment are an important component of flea and tick control. There are many approaches to environmental control of fleas and ticks, from diatomaceous earth to malathion. Keeping strays out of your yard will help, but rabbits, squirrels and mice can contribute to pest populations, so you may need to have pest control professional help.

Caty: it is okay to be giving dogs well vitality treats everyday to my 1 yr old dog?

This is a pretty general question, hard to answer without knowing the brand and actual ingredients.

Caty: how often do I have to give Heartgard to my 1 yr old dog?

Heartgard and other monthly heartworm preventative medications should be given on the same day of each month. Whether you give this year round or just during the mosquito season will depend upon where you live, check with your veterinarian.

Tess: My bird became sick after eating 8-1 bird protector. What do I do?

I can’t find any real information on this product, and CareaLot doesn’t carry it, so I think other than the usual “consult your veterinarian” I don’t have an answer for this.

Joe: Is cottage cheese good for cats?
Some cottage cheese added to your cat’s food will be ok, as long as your cat as an individual can tolerate it. Sometimes dairy products give certain cats diarrhea.

Joe M.: What do I need to avoid in my dog food to avoid excess gas?

Certain foods can cause gas, and this is largely an individual issue. If your dog’s diet is consistent, you can try adding some live culture yogurt, or a professional product such as Prostora or Fortiflora to help provide beneficial bacteria which may help with the gas. Over the counter products such as Gas-X can be helpful as well. Sometimes it is trial and error to find out what type of food to feed your dog that doesn’t cause gas.

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