Visit the Ask a Veterinarian Forum!

by on 05/04/10 at 8:57 am

Visit the Ask a Veterinarian Forum!

What’s the best type of food for your adult dog? What should you do after your cat has gotten into a fight with a raccoon or squirrel? Is it normal for your pet to eat grass? Our animal companions are a joy to behold, but proper care of them can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why Dr. Giroux is here to answer your questions about your pets. Our new Ask a Veterinarian forum is now open to take your questions.

Click here to visit the forum today and ask your question. Registration is free.

PLEASE take all questions to our forum, do not include them in comments here, for they may get lost. Thank you.

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  • Karli

    One of my dog consistantly licks (as though she's cleaning) my other dog. They are both 6 yrs old. and both corgis. Female corgi is the only one that does it though.

  • I have a 4yr old chow/collie mix. For the past week she has been itching continuously through the night only to stop suddenly and fall asleep. She itches her neck, face, and lower abdomen and gnaws at her back legs down to her paws. She does not do this very often during the day. We feed her blue diamond limited ingredient food (the salmon and potatoe mix).She does not get table scraps. She is only bathed maybe once a month or longer or if extrememly muddy, with a sensitive dog shampoo. She drinks plenty of water. She is not losing any hair or bleeding. She takes trifexis monthly, so I do not think it is fleas, and have not seen any evidence of fleas either. I do not want her to be uncomfortable, and do not want to be kept awake. We live in Cincinnati, which is a terrible place for someone with allergies. I was considering .5mg of benadryl (she is 35 lbs), but would prefer a natural route, if possible. Any Ideas of what could be causing this? What to do?

  • clint

    My kitten (about 9 months) has an open wound on his paw (the top part, not the pad). It's very clean, and doesn't look like it was cut. Could this be an abscess? It's about two inches long! and is completely exposed for about a 1/4-inch. He licks it frequently, but otherwise seems to be fine. His attitude is normal, he plays with our other cat, and he has a good appetite. He doesn't seem to be in any pain, and doesn't even limp. I know he needs antibiotics, but is this serious? I'm planning to go to Emergency vet after work at 5.

  • Jrd_jcbsn

    my dog got a hold of my bottle of 1200 mg omega 3s and ate more than 100 capsules, should i be worried? hes weighs 60-70 lbs. 

  • Wan

    I found a bed bug on my dog. What shampoo product should I use? Please help!

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