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Ideally before purchasing a puppy or rescuing a dog from a shelter, you would spend a few days doing some research on dog care information. Taking care of a dog is a major task if you want you and your dog to be happy. There are many considerations to take into account and some basic care to ensure the well being and happiness of the whole family, including the dog!

One of the first and most important considerations is the breed and size of the dog. For instance, a German Shepherd puppy is adorable but is going to be huge, so if you live in a small house with a tiny garden you may want to think again. If you have children or other pets the type of dog you get is going to be a factor. Your own experience of owning dogs will play a major role. I love the powerful breeds but firmly believe that they should be owned by a person with previous experience of dogs, who has all the necessary dog care information needed to train them so that they are well behaved, calm and fun to be around.

The cost of a dog is another big factor in your decision. All dogs need to routinely see the vet and it is not cheap! Yearly boosters and flea and worm treatments are routine but there can be illness or other problems to contend with. My dog suffers from travel sickness and the tablets and consultation costs were very high! Pet insurance is great but you have to budget for the monthly premiums and it won’t cover routine treatments such as boosters or worming etc. The food plays an important role in the health of a dog and the larger the dog the more expensive the food bill will be.

Training your dog basic commands is essential if you want to have a happy, well adjusted dog who is a pleasure to walk and socialise with. Only the basic commands are essential but you will find that once you have started with basic dog obedience you will want to carry on. The most important thing to remember about basic dog obedience is that you need to persevere, remain calm and patient at all times and don’t expect your dog to learn everything overnight. Training should become a way of life until obedience is second nature to your dog.

Keep training sessions brief and fun. Make sure you are patient and keep your tone of voice light and happy. Whatever you do, don’t shout at your dog or you will confuse and distress him. Training should be happy and fun, encouraging a firm bond between you.

If you can welcome a dog into your home, whether it is a puppy or adult dog, armed with basic dog care information and knowing you have selected your dog carefully considering the cost, then you will go on to have a fulfilling, rewarding friendship with your dog that will last a lifetime.

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