Dog Care Tips For Winter Months

by on 05/06/10 at 7:09 pm

There are three highly common things that threaten your dogs health in the
winter months. The good news is that by taking a preventive measures and
following the dog care tips below, you can keep your dog happy and healthy all
winter long.

Avoid Dog Poisoning

Antifreeze kills dogs. It is reported that antifreeze has a taste that
dogs like so they are naturally attracted to it. As a responsible dog
owner, this dog care tips is one of the most important dog health care
tips that I can give you. Make sure that antifreeze is stored in a sealed
container and when flushing your radiator that you are quick to thoroughly wash
away any spills that may occur.

Protect Your Dogs Paws

Protect your dogs paws from harmful irritants such as salt when walking your dog
in the winter. You should know that both ice and salt can be harmful to
the pads on your dogs paws. Both can damage the skin leading to tears or
possible infections on the pad of the paw. Also, most dogs will lick the
salt off of their paws thus digesting the chemicals found in the road salt. pet
supply store. Your dog may resist wearing the booties at first but you
should be persistent in order to protect their sensitive paw pads. Play it safe
and train your dog to wear dog booties.

Provide Dry Bedding and Check Water Sources Regularly

If your dog spends any amount of time outdoors in the winter months
their are two things that you must be aware of. The first is providing
proper bedding and replacing it regularly so that it does not get wet and
freeze. Straw is great to use for bedding because it can easily be
replaced and it is a great insulator.

The second thing that you must pay careful attention to if your dog stays
outside in the winter months is their water bowl. A dogs water bowl will
quickly freeze in winter months so you must keep a close eye on it to assure
that your dog has access to fresh water.

By following these dog care tips for winter, you can assure that your dog
will be happy and healthy when warmer months roll around.

For free dog health care tips for every season, I highly recommend the Dog Health Care Blog.

Author: Kimberly Taylor
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