This Hurricane Season, Don’t Forget Your Pet!

by on 06/06/10 at 4:32 pm

For homeowners along the Atlantic Coast and Gulf areas, hurricane season is an annual concern that jars our memory of weather preparedness. Every year we check our hurricane pantries to see that we’re stocked up on peanut butter and bottled water, and that everybody’s medications are within reach. If you have recently welcomed a four-footed or winged friend to the family, you should know the importance of preparing your pet for inclement weather, too. Just as you take the care the gather supplies for emergency kits in the event of a hurricane, so your pet should also be ready for a possible evacuation or weathering out of the storm.

With hurricane season close, this is the time to get ready so you’re not caught unawares. Taking these simple precautions can save a lot of headaches and heartaches when the big storm hits.

1) If you decide to send your pet to shelter during a tropical storm or hurricane warning, have all the necessary items – vaccination records, medications, a leash and identification. If possible, schedule a checkup with the vet if you know a storm is on the way and make sure vaccinations are current.

2) Consult in advance with area pet shelters, vet clinics, and relatives who may be able to take in your dog or cat in case warnings predict severe storms. As you evacuate, take the care to make this provisions, as you may not find a pet-friendly hotel near you.

3) If you ride out the storm at home, make sure to have plenty of clean water, pet food, newspapers and trash bags on hand for hygiene. You won’t be able to take your dog out in the rain, so you may have to find a safe spot indoors to take care of business.

4) Make sure your pet’s ID and rabies tags are secure on their collars in the event you are separated. Public shelters require this if you bring pets.

Pets are part of the family, and as such should be included in the hurricane evacuation plans. Take the time to make sure your dog’s or cat’s needs are provided for, so everybody can safely weather the storms.

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  • I always make sure that my cat's pet carrier are ready and I pack separate cat food just in case.

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