Dog Care Advice – 5 Major Ways to Have Your Dog Behave Properly

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When it comes to giving some dog care advice, the first thing to mention is that the relationship between you and your dog, is that your dog needs to have attention and love, just like any other relationship to stay healthy and happy. Dogs need to be trained so they are better behaved around other dogs and people. When changes occur in the house, with a new baby, working long hours, marriage or anything that brings a change, a dog can act out just like a child would. Here are a few tips that can help your dog stay behaved.

1. A dog needs leadership. As a dog owner, you will need to supply this on a consistent level. If leadership is not consistent, then the dog will try to become the leader, which will lead to bad behavior.

2. Be sure to train your dog everyday. Like anything, if its not practiced on a daily basis the dog will take over. Training your dog 15 minutes a day will help him or her to have good behavior.

3. Always give your dog praise. When your dog has achieved something you asked, give him praise, a hug, or a treat.

4. Never ever strike or hit a dog. This is the worse treatment you could do to your dog, as it will ruin the relationship and there will be no trust. Even when you are frustrated with your dog, never strike or yell at your pet.

5. Obedience training is a great way to form a positive relationship with your dog. You will learn tips and techniques from a qualified trainer that will promote good behavior.

There are many online websites that a dog owner can find out information that can give you good dog care advice. You can teach a old dog new tricks!

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