How to Have Fun With Your Dog on a Rainy Day

by on 02/08/10 at 3:36 pm

Sometimes it’s nice to sit, comfy and dry, in your home and watch the rain replenish the earth’s natural resources. If you happen to have an overactive pup in the house, however, you may find it a challenge to keep your four-footed friend indoors when he wants to splash outside. When the weather turns especially rough, and puddles are too deep to accommodate safe play, what can you do to keep your dog happy and entertained when you’re stuck indoors?

With children, one can always prepare an emergency “rainy day” play box for just such occasions. Dogs, of course, have no use for coloring books and DVDs, so it’s important to be prepared in a way that suits their needs. If you fear storms are capable of preventing you from leaving the house, be sure to have enough food and good drinking water on hand just in case. When it’s time to play, keep handy proper indoor toys like a small tugging rope or chew bone. Choose a part of the house that is spacious, where there are few breakable items within reach.

If at all possible, choose rainy days as your dog’s grooming day, too. As long as you have your dog in a place where you can check for knots in his fur, it’s a good opportunity. Play calming music over the stereo, or switch to a channel on the TV that intrigues your pet (some people have suggested Baby Einstein videos for their music and relaxing imagery).

Rainy weather days need not equal disappointment for you or your pup. Use the time to bond over quiet play or gentle grooming. You may find you don’t need to go outside to have fun.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on dog supplies and dog food.

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