Don’t Declaw Your Cat! A Humane Alternative to Declawing Your Cat

by on 01/10/10 at 8:52 am

Many people with indoor cats protect their furniture by mutilating their beloved pets. Make no mistake about it, declawing is mutilation. Unlike a fingernail, a cat’s claws are attached directly to the bone. When the claws are removed, the last bone and joint in each toe are also removed. When you amputate your cat’s toes, you upset its agility and balance. You change the way your it walks.

No one wants their furniture ruined by their cat, but there is another way to deal with the problem. Think a minute – why do cats claw furniture and climb drapes in the first place? It is because cats retain some of the instinctual behaviors they used when they were wild animals. Cats that live out doors climb rocks and trees and scratch the bark. That is natural behavior for a cat. Cats don’t claw furniture because they are bad, they do it because they are cats.

The best way to prevent Fluffy or Bosco from ruining your Chippendale is to provide an alternative in the form of a cat tree with a built in scratching post. A good cat tree will be sturdy and tall enough to simulate the experience of climbing a real tree. It could have built in hiding places and definitely should have a built in scratching area. Sisal rope wrapped around the “trunk” of your structure works very nicely although other materials also work well.

It’s best to get your kitty used to using a cat tree and scratching post while it is young. It’s easier to do than to try to get an older cat to change it’s habits. In any case, providing a natural alternative for scratching and climbing will make both him and you happier. Don’t mutilate your little friend for for your own convenience.

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  • Scrag44

    I have a new 7 mo. old kitten. I have spent a lot of $ I don't have on scratching posts, scratch things that hang from door knobs, etc. Just a little triangle station with scratch post is $20, everything else was literally $50 on up to hundreds! Who has that knd of money, esp. if your out of work. My other cat died and my one was so depressed and loney, I decided to adopt this new one..they got along great. I have declawed all my cats front claws only. It has saved my leather furniture, drapes, blinds, comforter that he likes to jump on and climb under, my expensive comfort foam matress, my door striping that he jumps up on and grabs with his claws and rips! Not to mention, artificial plants and trees that fall in the middle of the night, our covering over the speakers of our big screen tv ,etc. The list goes on and on! None of my cats had any problems after their declaw with balance or standing for all their lives! The ran, jumped, etc. just like normal cats! They also never had any problems with the clumping litter, whereas my kitten now with his claws seem to always bite his claws and feet after the litter. He literally bites his nails!! He is way too nervous to clip his nails and he would bite off the "plastic nail caps", not to mention, they are a royal pain! No matter what people say, declawing keeps the owner sane for the entire cat's life, and the cat doesn't seem to have any problems, only that my 2 yr old can't stop biting his back nails now.

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