How to Deal With Dog Behavior Problems

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Most dog behavior problems are related to the owner and, not the dog. Dogs do not know what is going on around them. They do not have emotions like human. Most of their human like emotions are what we transfer on to them. Therefore, their behavior problems is nearly always due to something in the household.

To deal with bad behavior successfully you must first recognize the source that causes these problems. It is often the dog owner who have issues that is causing their dog to behave badly. Some of these issues that are worth considering are:

  • Have you spoiled your dog?
  • Are you timid or apologetic when giving commands?
  • Do you defer to others in the house when trying to deal with behavior problems?
  • Do you allow your dog to walk you?
  • Do you expect human emotions or response?
  • Do you fail to follow through on your punishment?

These are all real problems. The emotional connection we have with our pets goes beyond simple ownership. They often reflect our emotions and, we sometimes reflect theirs. It is important to recognize that everything we do have an effect on them. The tone of your voice to the way you feed and walk them on a daily basis, all have an effect on their behavior.

Being aware of how our own behavior affects the way they see us, enables us to change how we relate to them. This initial change in our relationship with our dog is an important first step in solving your dog’s behavior problems. All dog owners should consider putting their dogs through dog obedience training which will avoid many of the problems later on.

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