How to Stop Your Dog From Overheating

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When the weather is hot, the proper precautions need to be taken so that your dog doesn’t suffer from overheating. Dogs must always have shelter and a place with shade when they are out in the heat. This means to never leave your dog in your car, even with the window down, since temperatures can rise to over 100 degrees in your car. Even if you are parked in the shade, it is still not wise to ever leave your dog alone in the car.

Dogs that are brachycephalic, or ones with a flat face, feel the heat much faster than dogs that have a more typical structure to their face. These are dogs like Boston terriers, French Bulldogs, Pugs, and Pekingese. If you own a dog like this, you need to be aware that hot weather can kill your dog! Even if your dog isn’t moving at all, they can still succumb to the effects of the heat. If you take your dog for a walk, make sure to do it either late in the afternoon or early in the morning. At any other time, it is simply too hot for these dogs to be out and about. You also should never allow you dog to sit or lay out in the sun for any length of time. They cannot tell that they are getting too hot, and their panting can soon become way too fast.

How to Know if your Dog is Too Hot

If your dog heaves as he pants, then this can mean that he is getting too hot. It is time for him to cool off, and quickly, or else this can become fatal.

If you notice that his panting sounds more like a roar, then your dog has become excessively hot, and could die from the heat. It is imperative to get your dog out of the heat as soon as possible.

If your dog is getting too hot, he will appear in distress and have little energy. If you notice his tongue, it will be extremely red and flop out of his mouth. In addition, his body temperature will be higher than normal, and his airway might swell causing his mouth to be filled with white foam.

What to do if your dog overheats:

1. Use ice to quickly lower your dog’s temperature. You can pour cold water over his head, and rub ice around his rectum. If you can, place your dog is cold water and keep rubbing him with ice until his breathing isn’t as labored.
2. Use a plastic squeeze bottle and squirt lemon juice into the throat to help clear his airway. This will cut through the foam and allow him to breather better. Avoid allowing him to drink a lot of water since this can cause vomiting.
3. After he has calmed down some, make sure that he is placed somewhere that is quiet.
4. If these techniques do not work, then you must take your dog to the vet. Keep him as cool as possible while in the vehicle.

By following a few steps, you can keep your dog from overheating, and know what to do if he does.

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