Family Holidays With Pets

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Family holidays are fun but they usually require careful planning. Pet owners have the additional problem of deciding what to do with their pets. In most circumstances, it is not possible to take the pets along. Cats in particular are not suited for moving around and can not be permitted out in case they stray.

A friend or neighbor may offer to feed, exercise and attend to the pet in the absence of the pet owner. However, they may feel uncomfortable about the responsibility this places on their friends and this arrangement is only suitable for short periods.

For most pet owners, it is necessary to board the pet at a kennel or cattery. Most dogs and cats will adapt well to this situation, especially if they have been used to it from a relatively young age.

Traveling with dogs

The pet owners should make sure that their dog is used to car travel-the holiday excursion should not be the first long car trip for their dogs. If the dog is likely to be sick or excitable in the car, vet should be asked to prescribe some travel sickness medication which normally has a tranquillizing effect.

Dog should also be offered water to drink and car should be stopped at regular stops so that the dog may relieve herself if necessary. They should never be let to run loose on busy roads and should be kept on the lead whenever out of the car.

Before arriving at the destination, one thing should be made sure if the dogs are welcomed where destination or not. Rules vary, but generally, pet are not allowed inside rented accommodation. However, many caravan parks and holiday homes allow dogs on leads or confined outside.

Pets should be left in the car for more than 10 minutes. If they are to be left in some case, the pet owners should make sure that the windows are down to allow air to flow through. If the car on the other hand is parked in direct sunlight, pets should never be left then.

When traveling with a dog, windows should be left opened so that the air can circulate around the car. Pets should be watched not to put their head out of the window in a moving car.

Traveling with cats

Generally, cats do not like to travel unless they are accustomed to it from an early age. A pet cat should always be confined to a sturdy cat basket for traveling. This basket should be ventilated and large enough for the cat to move about and curl up comfortably.

When taking the pets along for holiday, one important thing is to remember the rights of the others. If dogs are not familiar with the countryside, they can be real nuisance barking at livestock. And finally it should be made sure that the pets are clearly identified with collars and tags which give details of the temporary holiday address and the cell phone number.

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