The Good and Bad of Keeping Rabbits As Pets

by on 20/11/10 at 10:27 am

What is any softer or more cuddly that a rabbit? Absolutely nothing! They are some of the cutest creatures on earth. Besides the many hours of enjoyment one can get from a rabbit, they can actually be house trained. A wood chip lined cage and even a kitty litter box will make a great rabbit lavatory.

Everyone knows what a rabbit is as we all have seen them. Not a lot of people are enticed to adopt them as a pet. They need little care like some other pets. After all, dogs are needy, cats are aloof and temperamental, and others are just plain boring.

Rabbits are very unpredictable creatures but extremely entertaining animals. They are natural little snoops and want to investigate anything they happen around them. Becoming familiar with their surroundings make them calm and comfortable. Their care is low maintenance and only your understanding of their behaviors is required.

Now let’s delve into the reason why rabbits can be the worst pets possible. Ever notice those nice little incisors sticking out of their mouths? Well, rabbits like to use them and they are good at it too. Cables and cords can be shredded to pieces that are unrecognizable. Any type of material can be targeted and wood is not spared. The damage these munchkins can do in a short period of time is unbelievable.

Another negative is the amount of money involved for their care. Besides the cost of the rabbit, you will need a cage, a dispenser for water, and some chew toys. Treats are always nice along with food for their regular diet. And even if your pet rabbit were to fall deeply in love with you, you are not a rabbit. They want companionship of their own breed. So now the cost doubles.

Rabbits don’t care who you are and they won’t come when called. They simply co-exist in the same place that you do. Are you sure you still want one?

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