Why Is The Death of a Pet So Devastating?

by on 25/11/10 at 10:30 am

“I feel so guilty…..I didn’t cry this much when my mother died.” “I just cannot understand why I am taking this so hard.” “Thank you for understanding, this has been so devastating for me.”

The grief from losing a pet is so deep, so profoundly real and heartbreaking. I hear the above statements weekly from people who are seeking an answer to their questions of how to cope with the devastating loss of their pet. Sometimes they are simply seeking comfort as they deal with the after effects of the loss. The only thing one can do is listen and try to explain from a personal perspective why this grief over the loss of a pet is so deep and sometimes overwhelming.

The love we share with our pets is as close to a “Pure Love” as we human beings can experience. Our pets accept us….period. They don’t care about our appearance, how much money we have or don’t have, whether we live in a big house or small or not any house at all. They accept with question our angry days, quiet days, busy days, happy days and sad days. Pets do not share such human concepts as aging, days lost, time wasted or mistakes made and therefore do not judge us by them. To them, life really and truly just “is what it is”.

Bereaved pet owners should allow this grief, not question it and , at all expense, not feel guilty about it. It doesn’t take anything away from anyone or anything that a pet owner has loved something so profoundly. There will come a time when every bereaved pet owner will be able to see that it truly is a blessing to be loved by a living being this completely without being asked for much in return. Perhaps this is why their lives are shorter than ours; perhaps they are here to teach us an earthly example of “Pure Love”.

Patricia Moore is the owner and innovator of Soft-Hearted Products, the company that created the Soft-Hearted Pillow Pet Urn made in Naples, Florida, USA. Patricia continues to create and run Soft-Hearted Products and finds herself helping others who have lost their beloved pets with her referrals to pet loss resources, her blog,http://www.softhearted.wordpress.comand continuing to be a listening ear to those who have lost their pets.

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