Finding the Best Pet Names for Your New Puppy or Dog

by on 20/01/11 at 8:33 am

I think it’s so fun to see all the unique, imaginative and fun pet names that people come up with, especially for dogs. The names of dogs usually indicate more about the owner than the pets themselves, so if you’re in the market for a new puppy or are going to rename your rescued dog, think very carefully about the name of your new dog.

Let’s have some fun in thinking about ways to come up with the best dog and puppy names. Personally, one way I like to do it is to draw from my favorite books and movies. We start to identify with the characters, especially if it’s a long series. The authors or writers have often put a lot of thought into the meaning of the names, in essence doing some homework for us. So we get to piggyback onto their ideas and then imbue our own sensibilities when we choose that name for our puppies names.

For example, right now there are a lot of names for a girl dog that have been inspired by the Twilight movies. It doesn’t hurt that the name “Isabella” is such a pretty name. And it provides several options for shorter names such as Izzy, Belle or Bella. I once had a brindle-coated, brow-furrowed English Bull Terrier named “Worf” after the Klingon in Star Trek. He was a hard-headed, stubborn dog and the name fit perfectly.

There are other ways to find names for dogs. The Greek, Roman and Egyptian gods have great names that sound cool and that make you seem intellectual. Greek mythology is also full of terrific ideas. Was your dog a stray? Name him Odysseus and hope he stays home this time. You can find out which of your friends are into history if they know where the name comes from. And speaking of history, why not use the names of great generals or warriors as a source of names for a boy dog. Patton, Mitchell and Powell would all sound good and have meaning for either a big strong German Shepherd or if you want to be funny, for the tiniest Yorkie or Chihuahua.

It takes some imagination, a sense of fun and some detective work to find puppy and dog names that are just right for you, your family and your pet. But it’s worth the time to do some research and some deep thinking to find the best dogs names.

This summer, Beth asked for pajamas for her birthday, but instead got the love of her life: a standard black and tan dachshund girl dog named Hera. With an 11 year old standard red named Braut already in the house, it became a wiener wonderland.
For entertainment, Beth likes to learn about dachshunds and has a great time seeing all the cool, fun and interesting names people give their wiener dogs.

One of her favorite sites is the Best Dachshund Nameswebsite at

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