Dog in Despair: Rescuing a Stray Dog

by on 27/01/11 at 8:34 am

From The Desk Of Jordan-Alicia, “The L.A. Dog Reporter”:

It is two Saturdays before Christmas and my mind can think of only one thing: the seemingly endless list of gifts I’ve yet to purchase. So, when my telephone rings early, I momentarily consider ignoring it altogether. Eventually, I reluctantly fish it from between my pillows, press its screen’s little green button, and say, “hello.”

On the other line is my live-in boyfriend, M. Allow me to properly introduce you; M spends his days working for one of the nation’s top broadcasting networks here in Los Angeles. He moonlights as a bikeaholic and professional photographer. On any given Saturday morning, you’ll likely find him off training for one bikeathon or another. And such is true of this given morning.

Immediately, I sense the urgency in his voice. M informs me that on his route, he’s haphazardly stumbled upon a creature most distressed.

My sleepiness quickly drains, and I somehow manage to rise from bed, dress, and get out the door in five minutes tops, and I maneuver my car as quickly as possible to meet him.

Mind you, I’m no stranger to the rescue process, but it somehow never gets easier to bond that sincerely with a critter only to part ways shortly after. ‘No kill’ shelters are few and far between, and not knowing the fated outcome of any rescuee is a difficult pill to swallow.

What is it about coming face to face with a neglected, helpless creature that makes you question your entire way of life? I think, as I make my way to my car after the delivery. I ponder this as I start my engine, and begin my journey home. The truth is that I’d love to add another member to our wolf pack, and if it were at all practical, I’m quite positive M and I would’ve made such an addition already. But an air of desperation kicks in when you’ve actually got a vulnerable little life in your own hands. It makes you consider all sorts of possibilities. Maybe we could afford another dog if we just ate out once less a month? Or Perhaps we’d have more room for another if we just downsized a bit? There are a surprising number of ways one can reroute his or her life when one really, really wants to. But while sacrificing one’s comfort in the heat of the moment may seem the only feasible solution, a new pet is quite the long-term commitment, and such a decision should not be made in haste.

So, on my way home, I meet with M for an impromptu lunch slash family meeting.

Ultimately, we decided to sign up as this lost doggie’s ‘last resort.’ Essentially, should he fail to find new owners in an allotted period of time and therefore become a candidate for the unmentionable E, we’d spare him through adoption. We even made a makeshift budget to pinpoint exactly where we could bend and refigure our lives to make room for such an addition.

In the end, such a sacrifice never had to be implemented. We soon learned that shortly after I dropped him off at the shelter, his owner stumbled in to look for him, and voilà! Homelessness and despair relinquished.

Just like that.

Come back next issue for my review of the Los Angeles shelter system.

Until next time,

Jordan-Alicia is a contributing writer and is K9 KlearUp’s official “L.A. Dog Reporter”. Together with her adorable Pomeranian Kirby, Jordan-Alicia is going to share their adventures with us as they “Paint the Town Pom!” To sign-up for upcoming reports, sign-up at and receive a FREE dog guide while you’re at it:-)

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