Tips for Buying Name Tags for Your Dog

by on 30/03/11 at 10:40 am

Whether you have an outside or inside dog, you want to do everything possible to ensure his comfort and safety. No doubt you’ve taken care of home measures, like putting toxic foods and other items out of reach, and allowing for easy entrance and exit from the home when nature calls. Your first instinct, too, is likely to have an identification tag engraved in the event your dog should get loose. It’s natural to want to give an easy way for somebody to contact you in this case, but you should strongly consider what goes on that tag.

Is it wise, for example, to have your dog’s name on the tag? You might think this is good in the event your dog is found – whoever finds your pet may strike up a rapport and make it easier to hold onto your pet until you arrive. On the other hand, if somebody with a darker purpose is able to pick up on your dog’s name, your pet may easily be led astray. You may not wish to believe dogs can be stolen, but it is possible. Police often advise parents not to give their children clothing with their name on it because it gives kidnappers an advantage. The same goes for your pets.

On your dog’s tag, the main elements should be your last name and phone number. If there’s room, you can add the word “reward” to indicate you are willing to offer one for your dog’s safe return. It’s never a good idea to include an address on the tag, but if you are more accessible via e-mail you can use that.

When it comes to your dog’s safety if it somehow ends up loose, a dog tag with only the pertinent information needed for its return can see that you are reunited with your four-footed friend.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on pet supplies and dog supplies.

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