Want to Improve Your Health and Happiness? Get a Dog!

by on 11/04/11 at 8:07 am

Recent articles on health have suggested pet ownership is one key to a more enjoyable and healthier lifestyle. When one has the unconditional loyalty and friendship of a four-legged pal, it appears to make the days lighter, along with your mood. While there are financial concerns involved in bringing a dog to live with you, the investment can be well worth it when you see that tail wagging and hear that joyful bark upon your return home from work.

How it is that having a dog in your home makes you a healthier person? If you are not prone to allergies, you’re one step ahead of the game as it is, but experts suggest that dog ownership is tied in to regular exercise. Especially if you own a pet that must relieve himself outdoors, you are expected to walk your dog regularly so he can do his business. You may think this a duty that interrupts your schedule, but you are also getting exercise and fresh air. That your dog should enjoy time outdoors gets you off the couch and your blood pumping. The more you walk and enjoy time playing fetch with your pup, the more motivated you’ll become when you wish to exercise on your own.

How does owning a dog make you a happier person? Regardless of your martial status, the addition of a dog to your home can increase positive emotions. If you have an especially docile canine, one that is gentle and friendly with children, you may find its presence inspires you to want to act with more kindness toward others. While dogs have amazing abilities, there are still things they need for which they depend on their human companions. Having a dog in your house gives you a responsibility for the animal’s care, and as you do well to care for your dog you’ll discover a pride in bringing happiness and security to your pet.

Dogs bring unconditional love, and if you crave companionship and long to have a purpose, consider adopting one into your care. Before you do so, though, make sure you are prepared for the responsibility. Dogs are living creatures, and you need to be aware of proper diet and medical conditions. If you work long hours, make arrangements to help your dog when needed, and if you have a family make sure everybody in your home is able to adjust to a new addition.

Can a dog bring health and happiness into your life? It’s possible, and a life with a best friend is one worth living.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on dog care tips and pet supplies.

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