Choosing the Right Food for Your Dog

by on 24/05/11 at 6:54 am

There is nothing quite like bringing home a four-footed companion for the first time. The addition of a dog or puppy to your family promises many years of laughter and happy memories. As a new dog owner, you probably have taken the time to prepare for the new family member – you bought a bed, a book on proper training, and items for good health. Of course, you’ll have food ready, too, and it’s important to choose the right kind so your dog grows healthy with minimal problems.

Just as people do not eat the same kind of food, so it is for dogs. Some labels on bags and cans are simple to discern, and you would not feed a puppy something that is specially formulated for senior dogs. Yet, the more obvious varieties aside, how can you know which dog food is the best for your friend to eat without experiencing stomach problems?

Ask anybody with a dog, and you will probably hear the same answer: ask your veterinarian. Once you adopt a dog, the first step should be to find a reputable animal doctor to ensure your dog’s health. An initial checkup should accompany recommendations for good types of food to give your pet.

You may also wish to seek advice from pet supply professionals at your local pet store. When you shop, you’ll find a large array of dry food in sacks and canned varieties. If you own more than one breed of pet, there is the possibility that all dogs will not take the same food. Talk to the experts to see what you need to do.

Other considerations you will need to take as you prepare your dog’s diet:

  • Existing health problems. If you are adopting a dog with medical needs, some foods will irritate his system. Know everything about your pet before you start stocking up on food.
  • Your home. Do you have a place to store lots of food for your dog?
  • Your dog’s age. Most brands offer formulas for various stages – from puppy to adult to senior. You will want to buy accordingly.
  • Your dog’s eating habits. You may want to buy a small amount of food recommended by a veterinarian before investing too much money. See if your dog likes it, then buy regularly.

Coupled with care and attention from the family, your dog’s diet is what will keep him happy and healthy. Take care choose the best dog food.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on dog supplies and pet supplies.

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  • Raelynder1115

    My Labradoodle was doing just fine with everything, just recently he has refused his food.  Could he be sick?

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