A Few Guidelines To Consider When Choosing a Pet

by on 31/05/11 at 6:59 am

The idea of bringing a new pet home to be part of the family is the source of joy and happiness for most people. The image of the children jumping around in circles hoping to get a grasp of the pet in your hand, to be able to caress it and play with it fills us with all kinds of emotions. However, in order for the experience to be as joyful as it was meant to be, you need to give yourself a moment to think things through. Factors like the amount room in your home, the size of your backyard, how much time do you have available to care for an animal, and how much of a budget will be allocated for this purpose are all very important issues that need to be addressed before taking the trip to the store.

When thinking about what kind of animal you want to let into your home, it is best to compare the different needs inherent to every animal. This way, you will then be able to match the pet with the amount of time and care you can provide. For kids, the first choice will most likely be a dog, but is this really the best choice for your home? Dogs take up a lot of space and require constant attention. They need to be fed considerable amounts of food, which will later have to be disposed of in a discrete location like a backyard. Cats are usually the second choice, they require less attention on your part. But they need to be spayed or neutered, or they will be the source of havoc in the home when their reproductive instinct takes over. They also have nails, which will completely destroy your living room if left unattended. Some people have their nails removed, but this is considered cruelty, since the creature is left at the mercy of his enemies and unable to survive on his own.

For a really low maintenance solution, you may consider bringing home a fish. These creatures will live in the confinement of their fish tank. They need to be fed occasionally, and only require that you clean their fish tank. Modern technology has made the task of having a fish tank even easier by incorporating automatic feeders and water pumps with timers on them. The only demand on the owner would be to pay for the electric bill that power these devices.

The important issue with acquiring a pet is not how cute they are, or even how badly the kids want to take them home. Be considerate and put yourself in their position for a moment. How would you feel if you where a German Sheppard breed of dog, taken home by someone living on a small apartment with no balcony? The only word to describe how the dog would feel in this situation is misery. Think about a cat, taken home by the proud owner of three dogs? There are some situations that just don’t match the animal with the human situation. Other factors include the lack of a comfortable budget to care for the animal, or a person that travels a lot and is never home to provide proper care.

Pets are sure to complement every home with many hours of fun and games in the company of your loved ones. Making sure you make the right decision when bringing one to your home will ensure that everyone involved makes the most out of their time together.

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