What Should Be Kept Out of a Dog’s Diet?

by on 05/07/11 at 2:41 am

You love your dog and want him to have the best care. It’s natural, too, to want to spoil him occasionally with a nice treat. You’ll find a number of specially made snacks for dogs at your local pet store, but maybe you’re tempted once in a while to share your own meal. This is not a good idea – our bodies are more tolerable of certain foods, and what we eat may not necessarily work for your pet. Here are a few items you need to keep off Rover’s menu.

Alcohol – Just as humans risk intoxication and liver problems with alcohol abuse, the prospect of bodily damage increases with pets. It is not cute to see a dog upturn a beer bottle, it can be deadly!

Avocado and Guacamole – For vegetarians who like to feed their dogs fruits and vegetables, be warned that avocado is not one that belongs in the dog’s dish. The persin in an avocado has proven very toxic to dogs when ingested.

Caffeinated Beverages – Coffee, teas, and cocoa drinks can damage a dog’s heart and lead to caffeine poisoning. A cup in the morning may be okay for you, but your dog is best left to a dish of water for hydration.

Dairy – If you want to keep your dog’s digestive tract working well, don’t share your cheese snack or ice cream. Product made with milk are known to cause stomach upset in pets.

Eggs – Some may think that stirring a raw egg in dog food provides health benefits. This is actually not true: dogs risk catching food poisoning and coat damage if given raw eggs for a prolonged period of time.

Grapes – Grapes are an easy portable snack for kids, but you should watch if your little ones try to pop one or two in the dog’s mouth. These juicy, sweet fruits have been known to cause kidney-related illnesses in dogs.

Meaty Table Scraps – Much as your pup will beg, don’t give in to those soulful eyes. Not only can a dog choke on meat or chicken bones, but the leftover fat does a number on your dog’s digestion.

Onions and Garlic – These pungent bulbs spice up a nice dish, but they can cause anemia in dogs when eaten. Save the onions for your hamburgers.

Salty Snacks – Leave out an open bag of potato chips and your dog may be tempted to stick in his nose for a treat. Don’t let him do it! Dogs are susceptible to sodium poisoning, and too much salt leaves him dehydrated. No pretzels, jerky, or related snacks.

If you notice food missing around the kitchen, or spaces in the pantry where your dog can reach, check his mouth for any remains of forbidden food. It’s best to keep these foods out of reach where possible, and keep your veterinarian’s number handy in case of emergency. Keep your dog healthy with food that’s best for him.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on pet supplies and dog supplies.

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