How to Keep a Dog Warm in Winter

by on 28/11/11 at 2:54 pm

Some dogs love snow, and you happen to have a four-footed friend at home who enjoys playing in the wet white stuff, it might not immediately occur to you that you must watch and make sure he/she stays safe and free of colds this winter. It’s true that some breeds of dog are hardier than others in inclement weather, but if you have a dog that is sensitive to winter chills it’s important to make sure he/she stays warm. You wouldn’t send a child outside without a heavy coat, and you definitely do not want to leave your dog unprepared, either.

Looking for ways to keep your pup warm this winter? Here are a few tips to consider – some obvious, but all very effective.

1) Keep your pets indoors as much as possible. Yes, it will be necessary to walk your dogs when nature calls, but keeping them in a warm environment is easily the best way to ensure their good health. If the dog park proves too cold for exercise time, look around town for an indoor alternative.

2) Buy a dog sweater or jacket for outdoor trips. Some pet owners may balk at the idea of keeping a wardrobe for their dogs or cats, but if you have a short-haired canine at home a sweater can help against the cold. If you live in an area susceptible to heavy snow, buy something that won’t soak or absorb the wet.

3) Observe good paw care. While humans tend to lose heat through the tops of their heads, dogs may lose it from their feet. Walking on cold surfaces can bring a chill, so if you are able to find paw-sized boots for winter get them! They will keep your pup’s feet toasty and protect them from the elements.

4) Feed to prevent a cold. When the weather is cooler, dogs burn more calories. Your dog doesn’t have to gorge, but if you add a bit more food to his bowl it can help keep him warm.

5) Give your dog more attention. Snuggle with your pup on the couch, add a special blanket to his bedding, and offer an occasional treat to keep his spirits up. When your dog is well cared for and happy, he will definitely feel warmer inside.

Take the time to prepare your dog for the winter months. While we can forecast snow and other weather hazards, we can’t predict how our pets will react.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on pet supplies and dog supplies.

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