Tips for Finding a Good Dog Breeder

by on 12/12/11 at 8:00 am

When it comes to picking a dog breeder there are some important things to know. But first there are a few vital questions to ask: Is the breeder registered? Do they have a good reputation? Are the kennels clean? And do they breed show quality or pet quality? If show quality a breeder may request that you agree to show them and this can be more work then you want to get into. When it comes to choosing a dog breeder, it is very important to locate ethical, straightforward dog breeders, ones who willingly provide you with written health guarantees. A good place to find reputable breeders is at dog shows or your local breeder directories. Do a web search and record check for added security.

Once you have found a dog breeder it’s a good idea to visit them in order to look over their kennels and home environment. Observe the cleanliness of the dogs’ living environment, this will impact the state of the puppies’ health. An unclean pen where a lot of feces is found can result in worms being transferred from the mother to the puppies as she cleans them. This can cause a lot of discomfort for your puppy as well as for you in terms of vet visits, cost and reduced ability to get dog insurance. An unclean pen can also result in the puppy forming the unpleasant habit of eating feces which carries on into adulthood; this habit is called Coprophagia, which develops when a puppy nurses on the unclean fur of the mother.

A warning against dealing with any pet stores who have puppies or adult dogs for sale, because ethical dog breeders will never sell to stores or brokers. Pet stores get them from puppy mills who have little or no regard for conformation breed standards, dog diseases, genetic testing or dog care. Ethical puppy breeders do care about their chosen dog breeds.

Once you have located a reputable breeder it is a good idea to get a sense if you would be able to maintain a good relationship with them. A good relationship is invaluable as they would be a good resource for you for the life of your dog. They are experts with regard to that particular breed as well as to the genetic history of the individual dog you’ve chosen. A healthy relationship with the breeder can be invaluable if important questions arises down the road or a particular health issues arise where added insight is needed.

Once you’ve chosen and purchased your dog don’t forget to get all documentation, proof of pedigree as well as health guarantees from the dog breeder. Be leery if the breeder indicates that they do not want further contact with you after the sale. A good breeder would want to make sure the dog is well taken care of and to be of assistance to any new dog owner in order to give the dog the best life possible.

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by Gabriele Gottschlag

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  • A right breed for dog is important who can understand the body type of your dog and can take care of him.

  • thanks for sharing.

  • Excellent dog dog breeder is that they are experienced about the form of creature they perform with. They should be able to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of the pets in concern, as every kind has its own wellness issues or adverse attributes. Because so much details is necessary about each kind, the individual you are considering purchasing a new pet from should only kind a few kinds of pets.

  • Choosing the right breeder would be an advantage for you and your dog's health. This person knows the exact thing to do for the breed of dog you have.

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