Missing Pets

by on 15/02/12 at 1:52 pm

by Richard Errington

Looking in newspapers, on the TV and internet it seems there is a large increase in missing pets although it is difficult in most cases to decide if the pet has wandered off or what I am sure is an increase in pets being stolen for the money that can be made being resold particularly for certain pedigree or wanted pets.

I have even noticed on Facebook that there are pictures of pets that are missing asking people in their friend groups to help find these missing dogs and cats. My neighbour has signs up on lampposts and has spoken to most of his neighbours to try to locate his missing cat, this cat is Persian looking and I worry that it may have been taken as we his neighbours have searched everywhere in our gardens and outbuildings and this cat does not wander far.

Pets can be people’s sole companion, a part of the family and can be very therapeutic and when they go missing this can cause undue upset and worry. I think the thought of not knowing where they may be or if they are hurt can be in cases more upsetting than dealing with a sick pet that at least you can make comfortable and treat.

There are many things that we can do to help if our pets go missing such having electronic tags fitted or ensuring each of our pets has an ID tag attached to its collar and lots of companies offer great services which when you register your pet they will aid in your search for them doing practical things such as contacting local vets and animal shelters and also sending the owners kits to aid in their search containing things such as leaflets to hand out in the local area, this can be as great especially as you are likely to be upset and won’t be thinking of the obvious.

I have always been a cat owner since having my own home and have had to deal with this myself, the first cat I had went missing a couple of months after I had got him and at that time I panicked didn’t know what best to do and never did end up finding him. One other cat did also go missing several years later my lovely fluffy ginger Roxy, this time I had help and when a neighbour received my leaflet they contacted me immediately to state they had found her covered in mud and as she had no tag had taken her to a local vets. I will never know what happened in the 24 hours that she went missing but the relief to have her back is indescribable and I could not thanks my neighbour and vet enough for the care they had taken of her.

That said cats do roam and as I know I often struggle keeping collars on them, this is a lot easier with dogs and with dogs and the fact they are not allowed to roam freely if you do spot one that is on its own you are more likely to either contact via numbers on a dog tag or contact the local council or police to collect the dog where they will try to trace the owner but again this does not cover the unscrupulous people who steal animals for profit.

I think that we all need to be more aware of the pets we see and protect our own in the best ways we can with it is with a pet identity tag or even keeping them as a house pet.

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