Tips For Maintaining Your Pet’s Weight And Health

by on 18/05/14 at 8:04 am

It seems too many pets may be influenced by their human parents when it comes to bad eating habits. Unfortunately too many of our pets are overweight or even obese. Some studies suggest that about fifty percent of cats and dogs in the US are overweight. That’s a high percentage, too high.

Potential Health Problems

Just like us humans, when cats and dogs are overweight their risk of contracting health problems increases significantly. Health problems can mean conditions as serious as diabetes or problems with the heart and kidney. Other common health issues include digestive problems, a weaker immune system and arthritis. All of these can have a strong effect on the animal’s life span and quality of life. With all they give to us, unconditional love and companionship, they deserve a good quality of life.

Maintaining A Healthy Weight

The keys to keeping your pet at a healthy weight include providing a healthy diet and regular exercise. Regular exercise for a dog can mean a daily walk or play time in the back yard or a dog park. When it is too cold to spend much time outside you can easily find fun games to play indoors like fetch. For cats going outdoors can provide them with exercise, although it can introduce them to other potential problems. Another great way to get exercise is to play with them indoors. There are some great cat toys available; by rotating toys you can keep them more interested in their favorites. Playing with your pets is a fun way to spend time together and bond anyway. Plus it can be therapeutic after a stressful day.

Feeding your cat or dog a complete, balanced diet is essential for good health and weight control. Controlling the amount of food and feeding two times a day is important too, instead of feeding them as much as they want. This is especially important if you have a pet with a weight problem. Some pets only eat what they need, but many will overeat for a variety of reasons.

It is good to continually monitor your pet’s weight to make sure they are at a healthy weight, not too heavy but not too thin either. Adjust the amount of food you are feeding accordingly, but if you notice big changes in your pet’s weight or if your pet is too overweight it is good to work with your veterinarian to make sure there isn’t another problem that needs to be addressed.

Buying A Quality Pet Food

Feeding your pet a high quality food can make a big difference. Many higher quality foods offer extras like Omega fats, probiotics and supplements for joint support to help improve your pet’s health and keep the immune system strong. Many holistic pet foods offer these extras as well.

While a quality pet food may seem more expensive at first you may find you save that money on fewer vet visits and fewer health problems.

Choosing a quality pet food can be confusing because of branding and marketing. Learn how to read labels and cut through the hype by knowing what to look for and what to avoid with the information provided at:

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  • sherman

    my dog is constipated what do I get for him

  • This is a great post for pet owners. I always think about my dogs’ health. So I make sure to give them the correct food. And also I take them for walks. Other than that every day I give them vitamin B+E and calcium to maintain their fitness. Thanks for sharing.

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