Surviving the Dog Days of Summer With Your Dog

by on 31/05/14 at 8:23 pm

The kids are out of school and maybe your work schedule becomes more flexible when summer arrives. Your dog will certainly sense the change in season and become more excited as the probability that he’ll have more friends to play with in the coming months. When the days grow longer and steamier, though, it’s important to look after your dog so he doesn’t get into trouble. Summer means heat, and you need to watch for signs that your dog is uncomfortable.

The dog days of summer can leave us panting for cool air and water. A dog pants the way a human sweats, so it’s crucial to have water on hand to keep your furry friend hydrated. When he spends more time inside or outdoors, make sure there’s an accessible bowl he can enjoy.

You may enjoy going out in high degree weather, but somebody has to walk the dog! You can help alleviate discomfort by adjusting your dog’s schedule to the best conditions of the day. Early mornings and the cool of the evenings may be better for your dog in terms of exercise time as opposed to braving high noon heat. However, watch your dog as he reacts to the weather and take cues.

What’s summer, too, without some splash time? If you don’t have a pool or access to a dog-friendly beach, consider getting a small kiddie pool for your dog’s comfort. Most dogs enjoy splashing around, and it’s a great way for him to stay cool during the day. If you use sprinklers for your lawn, schedule your dog to play outside as they operate.

Your dog’s health is important, and when it’s hot you can think of ways to keep your four-footed friends safe and cool. Hydration is key in heat, and can help keep your dog happy and energetic.

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