Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

by on 01/06/14 at 8:21 pm

How well did you and your animal friends fare this winter? Many of us endured endless days of weather colder than expected, and we’re sure you had the challenge of caring for your four-footed pals in the snow and ice. Already it seems like a memory with ninety-degree days in the spring which could lead to hotter weather in the summer. School may be out soon, but caring for cats and dogs is a full-time responsibility, and it hot weather you must especially watch for their well-being.

Whether you plan to stay at home or travel this summer, be sure to know what your pets needs as the days grow longer and hotter. Here at AskAVeterinarian, we have a few tips that can help:

1) Always make sure there’s water on hand for your pets. Inside and outside the house, keep water handy and accessible. If you take your dog to a park or the beach, anywhere, bring along a travel water bowl and keep them hydrated.

2) If you have an outdoorsy dog, make sure there is enough shade in your yard. Dogs enjoy running and playing in the grass, but it’s important to have a cool spot for recharging. Remember, pets don’t perspire like humans. When you see them pant, that’s how they try to stay cool.

3) If you travel with your pets, DO NOT leave them in your car. Ever. Not even for a quick minute while you slip into a convenient mart. On a hot day, the inside of a car can turn into an oven. Cracking a window will not help soothe rising temperatures, either. For longer trips, bring provisions for your dog and take them outside when you stop – use rest areas for lunches and research pet-friendly facilities before you travel. If you’re just headed to the store, leave them at home.

Sunny days means summer fun, but it’s important to keep your dogs and cats safe in the heat. Keep them hydrated and cool and protect them from weather with a few simple actions.

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