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Antihistamines for your Dog

There are many antihistamines that are commonly used in veterinary medicine.  We have found that some of the newer drugs available are metabolites of older medications that were commonly prescribed.  Canines and felines tend to tolerate antihistamines very similarly to humans.  Some animals respond quite well to certain classes of antihistamines whereas other do not […]

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Avoid Moldy Corn in Horse Feed

Farmers across the Midwest struggled last year to harvest their crops in what turned out to be an unseasonably wet autumn. These conditions led to reports of widespread mold in this year’s corn crop. Moldy corn is a hazard for all species of livestock, but horses are particularly sensitive to certain toxins produced in moldy corn.

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Horse Dentistry – Common Ailments and How to Prevent Them

Horses dental requirements are much the same as most animals with the same common ailments, affecting a horse’s teeth and jaw. When it comes to ailments and injuries that affect a horse, most of the time the cause can either be attributed to wear patterns, injury or poor health with treatments made accordingly.

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