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What to Do When Your Dog Has Gas

Somewhere in my memory there is a “you might be a redneck joke” that proclaims if your dog has gas and you take credit, you may fit the bill. All kidding aside, dog flatulence is hardly a laughing matter. Speaking from experience when my father would bring his Beagle to the house, I can remember […]

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What Should Be Kept Out of a Dog’s Diet?

You love your dog and want him to have the best care. It’s natural, too, to want to spoil him occasionally with a nice treat. You’ll find a number of specially made snacks for dogs at your local pet store, but maybe you’re tempted once in a while to share your own meal. This is […]

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Food Supplements for Dogs – Does Yours Need One?

Do you know your dog is getting the full nutrients he requires to stay active and healthy? Depending on your veterinarian’s recommendations, your dog may have one or two meals a day, plus a small snack for reinforcement or dental health (like Greenies). Sometimes, however, a dog food supplement may be required to ensure your […]

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