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Pet Dogs Are for Life, Not Just for Christmas!

Every year, millions of people make the fatal mistake of thinking cute pet dogs are the ideal Christmas gift for their kids. Christmas day comes along and everyone is thrilled to have an adorable little puppy to play with. Then reality kicks in and within a few weeks, a whole host of dog problems begin: […]

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Christmas & Hannukah Pet Holiday Safety Hints

Holidays are hectic times and threats to animals can include seasonal decorations, ornamental lighting, ingestion of inappropriate or toxic items, excessive consumption of rich foods or harmful food, candle flames, to name a few. Although you might want to include your pets in celebrations it is important to remember that holiday dangers and seasonal threats […]

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Family Holidays With Pets

Family holidays are fun but they usually require careful planning. Pet owners have the additional problem of deciding what to do with their pets. In most circumstances, it is not possible to take the pets along. Cats in particular are not suited for moving around and can not be permitted out in case they stray.

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