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Tips For Maintaining Your Pet’s Weight And Health

It seems too many pets may be influenced by their human parents when it comes to bad eating habits. Unfortunately too many of our pets are overweight or even obese. Some studies suggest that about fifty percent of cats and dogs in the US are overweight. That’s a high percentage, too high. Potential Health Problems […]

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Five Reasons to Invest in a Comfortable Pet Bed for Your Pet

Pets are being pampered by their owners to the tune of $50.96 billion a year including everything from food, toys and other products such as pet beds. One of the pet beds currently available to owners is orthopedic memory foam model. Originally designed by NASA for use in space by astronauts, memory foam is highly […]

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Give a Dog a Bone or Not?

How often have you heard that you weren’t supposed to give your dog any chicken bones? If you grew up with dogs, you have probably heard it often. Horrible tales of chicken bones getting stuck in the neighbor’s poodle put the fear of death into your little head. It is actually true if you are […]

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